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Our C-level executives will enable your business to transform and scale by working with your company end to end from strategy to execution.

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Conquering New Markets with Confidence

Many companies decide to enter new markets to scale their business. It is very important to understand the cultural shifts, local government regulations, processes and, of course, needed relationships, to ensure a succesfull entry to a new market.

Having the right value proposition for that specific market is what will protect your investment and guarantee your success.

Scale up

through effective


Our Ecosystem as Service will connect you with partners and the local ecosystem to ensure that your business expands effectively, while also ensuring operational excellence for the network.

By leveraging our ecosystem approach, we can help you win in the marketplace.

Unlocking the Power of Customer Success

Customer success plays an integral role in the success of any organization. CS efforts impact customer acquisition, upsells, expansions, renewals, and customer advocacy.

Almost every business goal outlined by your company can be improved by someone in a customer success role.

Smart Strategies

to optimize


Growth marketing is a strategic and data-driven approach to marketing, where we partner with you to identify and analyze the most effective marketing channels to drive sustainable growth and reach highest potential for ROI for your business

High quality at a fraction of the cost

We help customers reduce cost and improve productivity by designing and implementing outsourcing/offshoring strategies that allow them to focus on their core competencies

Methodology Matters

Unlock Your Business Potential with Our Proven Approach

Taking advantage of our synergies and yours, we help in the design and execution of the strategy with maximum performance, speed, and best use of resources. Your KPIs become our KPIs for optimal results.

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Over 25 Years of Expertise in Local and Global IT Companies

Carola Cazenave

Carola Cazenave

Go to Market
Geo Expansion
Sales & Ecosystems
Advisory Board

Jose Ramon Pena

Jose Ramon Pena

Go to Market
Geo Expansion
Sales & Ecosystems
Advisory Board

Claudia Cristiani

Claudia Cristiani

Customer Success
Innovative Sourcing
Customer Experience
Leadership Development

Alexandra Lairet

Alexandra Lairet

Growth Marketing
Partner Marketing
Account Based Marketing
Campaign Management

Why Us?

We partner with you from strategy to execution, ensuring that you achieve your desired goals and succeed.

Partnering with businesses to drive growth


The Impact of Our Consulting Services

Let’s create together the next success story!

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Carola and her teams for many years, initially at IBM. She exemplifies energy, resourcefulness, and a profound comprehension of enterprise partner ecosystems. Carola consistently showcases her exceptional abilities in cultivating and preserving effective partnerships. Her insightful understanding has been pivotal in establishing beneficial alliances. Her inexhaustible energy and proactiveness are truly impressive, pushing her to exceed the standard expectations of her role and attain remarkable results. As a value-driven professional, she commands my highest respect.

Harold Valderas

CEO of Somnio

Carola brought to us experts in the healthcare industry that allowed us to better understand the nuances of the US market. Since then, we have been working on our Suite and are looking forward to launch the module of Real Time Authorizations. This should help health plans, TPA and administrative services organizations to lower their admin and medical costs, improve risk management and increase customer satisfaction.

Sebastian Letemendia

Cofounder Conexia

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to Carola Cazenave for her excellent work as Latech Business Advisor. Her guidance, expertise, and leadership skills have been invaluable to the growth of our business. The way Carola has been able to listen, analyze, and offer creative solutions has been truly inspiring to the entire team. She has taught us to be more proactive and focused on our business objectives.

Lucas Martin

CFO & Co-Founder - LATECH

Working alongside Carola is an incredible experience. Her unique blend of corporate experience and entrepreneurship mindset is a game-changer for our consultancy services as she provides assertive growth strategies to technology companies in need of organizational transformation.

Ignacio Figueroa

Marketing Director - Conexia

Carola's expertise, guidance, and hard work are a game-changer for us, helping us navigate the complexities of the market and make strategic decisions that drive our business forward. Her input allowed us to overcome several challenges and achieved impressive growth milestones, for which we remain grateful. In particular, Carola has been instrumental in helping us work with US-based companies, which has expanded our reach and accelerated our growth.

Juan Cruz Bonina

Leader Web & E-commerce - Latech

With Jose from CXO4.Tech we manage to expand in LATAM, with access to active ecosystems of partners, accelerating business development, access to key customers with lower risk.

Olivier Marschalik


Carola nos llevo al siguiente nivel. Su apoyo y consejos nos ayudaron a afianzar nuestro modelo de expansion regional.

Eduardo Laens Aguilar

CEO and Founder VAREGOS

Cxo4 nos ayuda y acompaña en nuestros planes para desarrollar nuevos territorios. Cuentan con un profundo conocimiento de negocios y estrategia.Cofounder Redbee

Ezequiel Apfel

Cofounder Redbee

I had the pleasure to get introduced to Carola through a mutual friend and colleague in our company’s project to go open US operations. Carola is a goal oriented professional with great knowledge of US market and the necessary process required for a LATAM company to get international and successfully address such market. She is a very valuable consultant and is helping us to quickly bridge the gap from our current offerings adjusting them for US market in a very straight forward process..

Sergio Cantore

AW Founder

Carola has been an invaluable asset to our business. Not only did she facilitate meaningful connections with partners and high-quality leads, but she also helped us re think our value proposition and refine our client messaging.

Clara Lopez Basavilbaso

CBDO Amalgama

Let’s create together the next success story!

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    Navigate Common Inquiries with Ease

    Why Hiring CXO4?

    If you are looking to transform, scale or expand your business, CXO4 can help you end to end. From strategy to execution with one of us as Lead Consultant that will bring each of the needed expertise at the right moment. Have you ever dreamed of having the most specialized C-level execs of top Fortune 500 companies, but thought you could never afford it? This is why hiring CXO4 is so attractive.

    If I’m interested in working with you. How does the process work?

    You can reach out to us using the Contact Us form on our website. One of us will contact you for an exploratory call to understand your need to transform, scale, expand. One of the CXO4 Founders will become your lead consultant and will share with you a proposal on how we can work together.

    Once we hire CxO4 what can I expect?

    You can expect to get a lead consultant with you every step of the way engaging other CXOs as needed and helping you and your leadership team to define and have absolute clarity on how, when and why to transform, scale or expand your business in the most effective way.

    What you get:

    ● Based on your current business reality, we help you to adapt your value proposition to support your transformation, and growth goals, including product fit, GTM model and enablement and support process.
    ● You get a recommendation and operation package to address your goals and guide your execution.
    ● Furthermore, we can support and execute this plan together.

    Can my company hire you as our CMO, CRO, CEO, Channel Chief?

    Yes, we offer the option of Fractional CxO. Many companies want to have a C-level executive but can’t afford it or there is no need for a full time person. For that reason, we can help you as your Fractional CMO, CEO, Channel Chief, Client Success, or COO.

    Will my company always work with one of you?

    This is one of our biggest value adds. You have access to all of us!

    If your needs expand across all the Go To Market pillars, the Lead Consultant will very probably engage one or more of the rest of the team to add value to your company. This is why we say that you can have a team of Go to market C-Levels executives at a fraction of the cost.